choosing the right web design company

Choosing the right web design company

Here are some steps or guidelines when you are choosing the right web design company to design your next website.

Here are some steps or guidelines when you are choosing the right web design company to design your next website.


Don’t ask for a web design company to design a site for you tomorrow. Plan ahead of time. This way you will not make an error in judgment. This will give you time to shop around and it will also allow you to prepare your images and information ahead of time.

Don’t ask a web design company to quickly build a site for you that you should have done a month ago. This will end up in an inferior design and will cost you more in the long run to fix it. Remember a website is the face or reflection of your business. Do not cut corners, as thing could hurt your business.


This is the most important thing to do. Make sure you are getting value for money. So get at least 3 written quotes from Web Design Companies.


Also please keep in mind that cheaper does not always mean better. There are sometimes web design companies or freelancers who don’t always have the best intentions. I have had designed a lot of websites in the past  for clients who have asked another business or freelancer to design a website and paid a deposit, only to end up without a website and the designer made off  with their money. Those guys have unfortunately given the community a bad reputation and we are not all like that.


When shopping around for the best price, make sure you ask for a written quote. A lot of companies will send you an email with an amount, but they don’t break it down into a detailed quote and specify what the cost will be for each section or development path of the website.  They should also have an expiration date on when the quote is valid until. If they do not include the expiration date on the quote, ask them when it is valid until and make sure they then put it in writing for you.


Most Web Design Companies in South Africa will ask for a deposit before starting a website project for you. This is a common occurrence and they charge in the region of 40-60% of the total cost and then the balance on completion of the website.  Make sure that you receive an invoice and also a receipt when you have settled the invoice.

If you are a little unsettled about paying a deposit, ask the company to draw up a contract.


Make sure that they add the following pointers in the contract:

  1. Full amount of the website
  2. The duration of time the website will take
  3. The rights to the website when the full amount has been made. (Make sure the website company hands over all the rights back to yourself when the full amount has been paid)
  4. Per hour cost of any additional features you want added that aren’t included in the Total Cost.
  5. Make sure they specify everything that is covered in the design
  6. A written quote must be provided when any additional features are added to the website, that weren’t covered in the original cost.

So those are a couple of pointers & suggestions when you are choosing the right web design company to design your next website.

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