important news

Important News


Important News. I will be taking a very short but much needed vacation from the 28th June and I will be back in the office on the 7 July.

During the time that I am away I will only be contactable via email. I will attend to any web design related queries and changes when i am back only.

Any hosting related issues please send me via email and I will ask the hosting company to keep an eye on the server whilst I am away.

If you need any changes made before I leave please send changes before Monday the 24th.

SEO reports will still be sent as per usual and I will attend to all SEO queries when I get back.

I will invoice all end of the month invoices on the 25th.

Price Increase

From the 1 July 2019, my hourly update rate will increase from R250 per hour to R300 hour.

The rest of the pricing will remain the same.

I will not be providing websites at a fixed price. I will quote depending on the brief provided.

I will not be offering free hosting for any websites from 1 July 2019. I will honour any previous agreements regarding hosting. This will only affect new websites.

Two New Services

I am offering 2 new services.

Security and Maintenance for WordPress Websites

The first service is Security and Maintenance for WordPress websites. Security and updates are extremely important when you have a WordPress website. So i have put together 3 packages at an affordable price to make sure that your website is secure and up to date. The service will also include a weekly backup of the website. See more about it here This is an absolute must for any person with a WordPress website.

Check Your Website Rankings

The other service I am offering is for any Website owner who wants to see how their website is performing on the search engines but doesn’t want to make use of the full SEO packages available. This will check your rankings on Google and Bing for 20 keywords. You will receive a weekly Ranking report (an example is on the website click on the link below) of your rankings on Google and Bing as well as stats on Visitors to your website from Google Analytics. You can read more about it here

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