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Choosing the right web design company

13th Feb 2020
2020 News

A bit late to say this but Compliments of the season. I wish all of my clients all the best for 2020. 2020 News - Price Increase So a number of things have changed at the beginning of the year. Instead of usual price increase, I am doing a once a year increase every year […]

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13th Jun 2019
Important News

Vacation Important News. I will be taking a very short but much needed vacation from the 28th June and I will be back in the office on the 7 July. During the time that I am away I will only be contactable via email. I will attend to any web design related queries and changes […]

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11th Jun 2019
Easy way to Write a Blog Article

As a web designer I've been pretty passionate about providing clients with everything they need for their business to succeed. Search engine optimisation is very important in order to get rankings on Google. One thing I always advise clients to do in order to get traffic is to write blog articles. Blog articles are excellent […]

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17th Apr 2019
My Top 7 reasons for using the Oxygen Builder over any other theme or page builder

Firstly a little bit about what Oxygen Builder is: Oxygen Builder is a site builder for WordPress. It is not necessarily a page builder like Elementor, Thrive Architect, Divi or Beaver Builder. Its in a totally different class. Its at the same time not a theme. I have used all of those builders in the […]

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15th Apr 2019
How to wrap text around images in the Oxygen Builder

The Oxygen Builder is fantastic. It takes WordPress Design and Development to the next level. One of the things you might want to add, that doesn't come standard with the OxygenBuilder , is to wrap your text around images in the classic editor. If you don't  add the custom css to Oxygen, your text will […]

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21st Jul 2016
Monthly Subscription Fees?

I have had a number of requests from potential clients on whether we offer a monthly subscription fee for a website instead of offering an upfront payment for the website.

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29th Mar 2016
Site Design Techniques

If you are creating an on-line business, your website should get plenty of your focus as you create what's economically your Window into the world.

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21st Jul 2015
Mobilegeddon is here

Mobilegeddon has been flung around quite a bit on social media lately and for good reason. Google has done a major overall on its algorithm and update that will affect any website stuck in the old ages.

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29th Jun 2015
Price Increase in July

This is just a quick note to all my clients, that from the 1 July 2015 there will be a price increase on some of the services and also a change on the process of renewing hosting and the SEO services.

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30th Nov 2014
Hosting Servers are down

I just thought i would post a quick update on the hosting servers. The hosting servers went down on the weekend and they are still down.

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6th Sep 2014
WordPress 4.0 "Benny" has been released

Wordpress have released 4.0 dubbed "Benny" in honour of legendary American jazz clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman.

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16th Jun 2014
We are closed on 16 June 2014 for Youth Day Holiday

Please note that we will be closed for business on 16 June 2014 for the Youth Day Holiday. If you require any assistance, please send me an email and I will respond to your queries when I am back on the 17 June 2014.

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13th Mar 2014
My review and personal experience on using Adobe Muse

My personal review on Adobe Muse CC. I cover the pros and cons and come to my conclusion if this is what I will use to design websites from now on.

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12th Mar 2014
Setting up your email in Outlook 2010

A step by step tutorial for clients on how to setup your email account in Microsoft Outlook 2010.

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14th Aug 2013
Backup and Migrate WordPress Websites

Creating WordPress websites can be enjoyable and a lot of work, but one of the most frustrating jobs around is moving your master piece to the server from the localhost. T

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11th Jul 2013
Why is it so important that my Business has a website?

With this ever changing world, its important that your business stays with the trend and that means keeping up with technology.

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27th Apr 2013
Moving Office

This is a quick post to notify all my clients that I am moving to a new Office on Monday 29 April 2013. I am moving from Bergvliet to Silverglades in Fish Hoek.

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22nd Mar 2013
Google Keep has been launched

Google has released a new product to the technology world : GOOGLE KEEP.

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4th Mar 2013
Web Design In Cape Town, what to look out for...

So as many people know the Design and Tech industry is Cape Town is alive and well. There are thousands of tech, web design and graphic design agencies in Cape Town.

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6th Feb 2013
Paypal To Accept Payment in South African Rands.

Unfortunately we are still waiting for this to happen. At the time of the post there was definitely talk of this from paypal but due to some issues with the reserve bank

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8th Dec 2012
Google Apps Free Edition No longer available.

Google Apps Free Edition is no longer available. Google Apps has removed  the free edition sign up  for new customers.

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7th Dec 2012
Building websites in Joomla

In the last post on open source Content Management Systems, I will tackle Joomla. Joomla was part of the original Mambo and has not looked back after that.

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5th Dec 2012
Building websites with WordPress

In this second post we will be looking at another content management system, Wordpress. Wordpress is one of the most widely used content management systems.

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1st Dec 2012
Designing websites in Drupal

Today, I will be focusing on the Big Daddy of all open source content management systems - Drupal.

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10th Oct 2012
Choosing the right web design company

Here are some steps or guidelines when you are choosing the right web design company to design your next website.

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9th Oct 2012
Theme Builder WordPress Headway Themes vs Ithemes Builder comparison

I very really use a templating (theme builder Wordpress) system to create my Wordpress themes. On the odd occasion I have used both Headway themes and Ithemes Builder.

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13th Jun 2012
Sublime Text 2 editor Best editor around

So I have had to look around for a good text and html editor. Well I came across one, which in my opinion is the best Editor around. Sublime Text 2 editor.

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5th Jun 2012
Best Email Client - eM Client

For the past month or so I have been using the best email client for Windows. Its not Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird but a little known client called eM Client.

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12th Mar 2012
Multiple Image Upload in Drupal

Enter the Multiupload Imagefield Widget . This module is an extension to the Multiupload Filefield Widget, so both modules have to be loaded in order for it to work.

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7th Feb 2011
WordPress Shortcuts that I use

Wordpress Shortcuts are great. They save you alot of time in Wordpress. When adding content to a site, things can be done at a rapid speed without having to search around the WYSIWYG editor for the correct button.

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1st Jul 2010
Best Drupal Wysiwyg Editor - Whizzywig

I have had a look around for a long time, to find a great wysiwyg editor for my Drupal sites, but alot of them seem a bit of a mission to load and configure etc. , thats until I came across Whizzywig.

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17th Jun 2010
Lightbox Extension for Dreamweaver CS5

I came across a great extension for using Lightbox in Dreamweaver. Its called the Lightbox Extension.

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17th Jun 2010
Bing SEO

With Bing being launched in mid 2009, there are alot more things to consider for the average SEO developer and site designer. Gone are the days of just concentrating on getting your rankings high on Google.

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11th May 2010
My Review on Dreamweaver CS5

The other day I downloaded the trial version of Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, to see what the new version offers. I was pleasantly suprised.

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27th Mar 2010
Uncapped ADSL with Afrihost

With all the different Uncapped ADSL packages, which is the right one to choose? Well my personal preferance is Afrihost. I have the 4mbps line package which costs R497pm.

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18th Mar 2010
MWEB offers uncapped ADSL

MWeb Uncapped ADSL. MWEB now offers uncapped ADSL. Yes you are not seeing things. So finally South Africa enters the world of Uncapped ADSL at a reasonable price.

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7th Jan 2010
WordPress vs Drupal as a blog

I use CMS's and blogs on a daily basis. My favourite CMS is most definitely Drupal, but i do find there built in blog lagging behind Wordpress.

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4th Nov 2009
Google Chrome Beta Released

The Latest Google Chrome Beta has been released. They claim it is about 400% faster than the first Google Chrome. I don't think so, but i found it by far the quickest browser around.

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23rd Sep 2009
Autosave for Joomla!

Have you ever been working on a document in Joomla and accidentely close the browser or the browser crashed. Wouldnt it be great if there was an extension that could save while you work.

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17th Sep 2009
Artisteer 2.3 Beta with Blogger support

Artisteer 2.3 is now available for download. Check all the new features that they have added.

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17th Sep 2009

For those of  you that design templates for CMS websites, will know how long the design process can be. I stumbled across a really nifty bit of  Software called Artisteer.

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4th Jul 2009
Mozilla Firefox 3.5

Mozilla have come up trumps here. I have always used firefox and i am a big fan, and Firefox 3.5 proves my point. Best Browser on the market.

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3rd Sep 2008
Tested the New Google Chrome Browser

I have checked out and used the new Google Chrome browser. It's true, its lightning quick. I tested on my washed up old Proline laptop and it was flying.

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2nd Sep 2008
Google Chrome will be released today

Google chrome will be released in over 100 countries today. You may think what the hell is Google Chrome?

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7th Jul 2008
Create a blog to get maximum exposure

An article on how creating a blog will increase maximum exposure to your website.

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20th Jun 2008
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