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Backup and Migrate WordPress Websites

Creating WordPress websites can be enjoyable and a lot of work, but one of the most frustrating jobs around is moving your master piece to the server from the localhost. The old way of moving a WordPress website would be to export the database, search and replace with the new urls in the database and zip all the files, unzip them on the new server and import the database. Phew!!! Lots of work for a relatively simple procedure.

WordPress isnt alone, this happens in Drupal as well. Joomla on the other hand, has a backup component called Akeeba Backup which works extremely well. For the last 2 years I have been using BackupBuddy from Ithemes for my WordPress websites. It is works in principle the same as Akeeba for Joomla.

Whats really great about BackupBuddy, is that you are left with 2 files to load, the one is your Zip file with all your files in and an Import file. No, I am not trying to promote BackupBuddy. There is no affiliate link to their site etc. I am just sharing what works easiest for me. BackupBuddy comes at a cost (no its not cheap) about $80, but its worth every cent.

On average i move about 5 WordPress websites a month, and this takes me a couple of minutes to migrate. The only real time is loading the zip file, and that is dependant on how big your site is. I have used it on various different South African and International hosting providers and havent run into one issue on any servers yet.


Watch the video below on how Backup Buddy works.


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Free Alternative

If you are strapped for cash and cant fork out $80 check out Duplicator, which can be found in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

Using either of these great plugins will make your WordPress experience hassle free and easy.

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