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Best Drupal Wysiwyg Editor - Whizzywig

I have had a look around for a long time, to find a great wysiwyg editor for my Drupal sites, but alot of them seem a bit of a mission to load and configure etc. , thats until I came across Whizzywig.

Super easy to install and basically no configuring needed. Unzip the zip folder and just load it into your sites/all/modules folder. Enable the module and its done. Really nice and easy. The great thing about Whizzywig, is that it loads very quickly in your browser. I found FCK editor a bit lumpy. The problem with FCK editor, is that you have to load an extra library with it and if you want to search for files on your desktop to upload then you have to load another module IMCE. What a mission. Give Whizzywig a try and you will be loading it, with every drupal installation from now on.

I forgot to mention, you can also configure the editor to only show up on certain fields and content types, as well as on blocks, which is quite handy.

Some of the top features are:

  1. Super fast
  2. 100% Drupal Oriented
  3. Built in image browser
  4. Built in file manager
  5. Image Preview
  6. Able to create sub-folder
  7. Space required (uncompressed size) 150kb {other editors require 4mb or larger in space}
  8. Support insert/delete for column/row in table
  9. Independent module
  10. Custom buttons (you can customize the buttons you want to display)

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