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Bing SEO

With Bing being launched in mid 2009, there are alot more things to consider for the average SEO developer and link building expert. Gone are the days of just concentrating on getting your rankings high on Google (65% of the search engine share). There is a new player in town. This player is up for the fight and ready to steal some of Google's search users.

So as a site developer, staying on top of the SEO trends are vitally important. Making sure sites rank high on bing is a no brainer. Yip i know, not every Tom, Dick and Harry uses it, but there are a small majority of people that use the other search engines other than Google, and Bing is growing by the day.

Some of the main things to make sure you are doing on your Bing Search are as follows:

  1. Make sure you use sitemaps. The sitemaps you use for Google can be used on Bing
  2. Exact match domains.
  3. Lots of inbound domain links, linking into you than lots of links link into you from one domain.
  4. Anchor Text
  5. Use the Bing webmaster tools to assist with the kind of links that point to you.

Bing is at present redesigning its webmaster tools, so hopefully more features will be added to assist SEO professionals and webmasters to get their sites ranking higher.


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