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Google Keep has been launched

Google has released a new product to the technology world : GOOGLE KEEP.

So what is Google Keep?

The idea behind Google Keep, is to allow you to jot down ideas, lists, notes and even photos, basically anything that is important to you and it gets stored in Google Drive. All the ideas are then synced to all of your android devices. The app transcribes voice memos for you, so you get text and sound in a single note. and it includes a really fast search. Its Google's version of Evernote.

Worth Trying?

Google Reader was given the axe last week and a couple of Google's products has been pulled, I think this would be a good edition to the Google Family of Apps.You can color code the apps but not group them together. I think this will come later on in future editions. It would also be nice to see integration with GMAIL and GOOGLE+.

With Google's products you never know when they might shut a product down, but i think this may have a longer life than Google Wave did and with it syncing seamlessly with your android device this could be their next best thing.

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