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Multiple Image Upload in Drupal

The one draw back I have always found when designing and implementing galleries in Drupal 7 is the option to upload multiple images at once. When I used Drupal 6 I always used Image FUpload but found it to be buggy. Also there is currently no release for Drupal 7 which is somewhat disappointing.

Having designed a lot of WordPress sites, I was hoping to find the option for uploading more than one image at a time, especially when a lot of galleries are more than 5 images, the Nextgen Gallery does this beautifully. This can be quite tiresome if you have to load one image at a time. I searched the drupal forums, and finally came across a module/s which can do exactly that.

Enter the Multiupload Imagefield Widget . This module is an extension to the Multiupload Filefield Widget, so both modules have to be loaded in order for it to work. These modules will allow you to load multiple images at once.

To get it to work:

  1. Enable both modules
  2. Create or Edit a content Type
  3. Add an 'image' field to a content type and select the widget 'Multiple'
  4. Save and then you are done.


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