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MWEB offers uncapped ADSL

MWeb Uncapped ADSL. MWEB now offers uncapped ADSL. Yes you are not seeing things. So finally South Africa enters the world of Uncapped ADSL at a reasonable price.  There is no base cap. Fully uncapped and online all the time. So are you going to move? The nice thing is you dont have to sign up for a 24 hour monthly period with MWeb, you can keep your Telkom ADSL line and only pay for the data.

Prices range from 219 per month (384 kbps) to R539 (4096 kbps) for the data only option. For more on the prices and info go to www.mweb.co.za/adsl/ . Happy Surfing!!!!!


I am still using MWeb as my ISP on Uncapped and after nearly 3 years, they are by far the best ISP for Uncapped ADSL, I have used two other ISP's for Uncapped ADSL and they don't compare to the level and service that MWEB offers. My speed isnt throttled. There are no restrictions to how much you can use, and the service has been exceptional.

So I highly recommend Mweb if you are looking for Uncapped ADSL or any type of ADSL for that matter.

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