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My Review on Dreamweaver CS5

The other day I downloaded the trial version of Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, to see what the new version offers. I was pleasantly suprised. I currently have Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 and decided not to upgrade to CS4, but after downloading the new version, i will upgrading to CS5 very soon.

Here are the new features that really make this a quality WYSIWYG editor:

  1. Greater support for PHP.
  2. Integrated content management system support - Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla
  3. Better Code Hinting
  4. Site Set Up is more simplified
  5. Code Navigator is great when working with CMS
  6. CSS Layout is really easy to work with and manage

So all round I think it is an improvement to CS4 and is definitely worth the download. Go and get your free 30 day trial at www.adobe.com . Remember you need to sign up with adobe before downloading any trial software.


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