adobe Muse

My review and personal experience on using Adobe Muse

My personal review on Adobe Muse CC. I cover the pros and cons and come to my conclusion if this is what I will use to design websites from now on.


I have always been a big fan of Adobe Products, especially Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks and Illustrator. I pretty use all of those programs everyday. I am a monthly subscriber to the Adobe Creative Cloud, so we get a lot more programs that we did before and the updates are really nice as well. So a couple of months ago, I was going through the list of programs and saw Adobe Muse and downloaded it and gave it a try, so this my personal review of what I thought of product and where i see it placed in my own business.

So as mentioned before I download Adobe Muse CC and installed it on to my computer. The download was pretty quick off Creative Cloud and simple to install. Once I entered my Adobe ID and password I was in the program.

I found the program quite resource hungry a lot like Photoshop when you have a lot of large photos open. I would advise anyone to have a look at some video tutorials on Youtube and before they start using Adobe Muse as there is a bit of a learning curve. Not difficult, but good to know the trips and tricks before hand.


  • Simple and easy to build webpages and Quick
  • Build responsive websites – Options to Build Tablet and Mobile version of the site
  • Widgets such as Google Maps, Forms, Slideshow, Panels, Social etc.
  • Easy to create Parallax Scrolling websites with easy scrolling widgets
  • Using Master templates allows you to create new pages easily and keep the design
  • Using the Web Fonts Collection Typekit is integrated quite nicely
  • Easy to Upload with FTP built in
  • Easy to do roll over effects


  • Not easy to make changes to Code on the fly without using the Software
  • Quite Heavy on Computer Resources
  • Some of the websites built in Muse are a little bit slower than websites built in Dreamweaver
  • Form doesn’t work when you have a different email address than your domain ie. a gmail email account
  • Code output isn’t always W3C compatible


I think Adobe Muse is in its infancy. I think it will improve and provide a lot more features later on. As a web designer and developer I would only use this to do mockups or maybe a parallax scrolling website. Other than that I would prefer to code my websites.  This would be ideal for an entry level web designer or someone wanting to build a website for the first time, who doesn’t know how to code yet.

For me I will stick to Dreamweaver and Content Management Websites. I think it has a place in the industry, just not for me.

Here are a couple of screenshots of Adobe Muse in action.

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