Static Website Design

Static Web Design

Static Web Design Packages include any web site created in HTML and CSS (commonly known as a Static Website.This means that the website does not have any dynamic content on the website, ie. linking with databases, rss feeds etc. These websites are maintained by myself the web designer, as a certain amount of HTML and CSS knowledge is required to maintain the website. However if you do require a website, where you can make changes to your website or blog, then a better option would be a Content Management System or CMS.

Why not try a CMS? (Content Management System)

Here are some advantages to having a static web design over a content management system (CMS)

  • Loads alot quicker (there are no databases to connect to.
  • There are no restrictions to the design. Some CMS websites designs cannot be implemented due to coding restrictions, but with a static website, its very easy to implement the design to the mockup.
  • SEO structure is easier to implement, as there are sometimes duplicate pages created inside the CMS and a robots.txt file is needed to remove the extra internal page the CMS creates.
  • Hosting is Cheaper
  • The cost to design a static website is alot cheaper than a CMS.
  • It is generally quicker to design a static website, as their is less code to use, and it means that your website will be ready to use sooner.

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