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Sublime Text 2 editor Best editor around

In the time that I have been designing and developing websites, I have used a number of text and HTML editors. Some good and some really bad. I currently moved back to a Windows Machine, from using a Mac. When i was on a mac I used Coda and Espresso, two great editors. So I have had to look around for a good text and html editor. Well I came across one, which in my opinion is the best Editor around. Sublime Text 2 editor.

Sublime Text 2 editor is a sexy little editor and is light weight, meaning that it doesn't use alot of your memory. It is extremely fast. Its cross platform - its available on Windows, Mac and even Linux. Its also super easy to install packages and plugins, using the package controller. Great support and is regularly updated, almost daily.

The cost is $59. Go ahead and download sublime text 2 editor trial today.

sublime text 2 editor

Sublime Text 2 Screenshot

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