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Uncapped ADSL with Afrihost

With all the different Uncapped ADSL packages, which is the right one to choose? Well my personal preferance is Afrihost. I have the 4mbps line package which costs R497pm.

I have tested it out for a week and found the speed pretty awesome. Everyone has been worried about the line being shaped during business hours and stating that the lines will be incredibly slow, they have been proved wrong. The set up and speed that i got my line was awesome and I found the Afrihost very helpful even during the craziness that was the first day that they launched their ADSL uncapped service.

To Gian and the hard working Afrihost team well done and keep up the good work. To check out their Uncapped Adsl prices click here.


Since using Uncapped ADSL with Afrihost for two months, I went back to MWEB.  MWEB didnt throttle the line as much as Afrihost did, and if you went past 30 Gigs your line speed was throttled to a slower speed. MWEB doesnt not do that. Not to sure if that is the case now, but I am happy with my experience with MWEB.

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