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Web Design and SEO News

Welcome to the one of many more blogs to come. In this blog, i will be posting all the latest news concerning web design and seo and more other snippets, that i find worthwhile mentioning.

As some of you might know, Firefox 3 was released the other day and 8 million downloads were reported in 24 hours, which i think is a new world record. They are waiting from Guiness World Record to get back to them about confirmation. I downloaded it and gave it a try and it so much better than any other browser out there. The speed is very good as well. Which is quite a good thing especially considering the slow ADSL line speeds we have here. Thanks Telkom.

Adwords News

Those people using Adwords to promote your site, be careful. Check your landing pages speed. Google have said, that they will be penalising sites thats landing pages load to slowly. If you want to check your loading speed of your website, you can use this handy online tool Web Page Analyzer - 0.964 .

I will be also adding some online videos etc. that i pick up so stay tuned.

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