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Why is it so important that my Business has a website?

This questions gets asked a lot by business owners and professionals everyday. The answer is: Its Very Important.

With this ever changing world, its important that your business stays with the trend and that means keeping up with technology. Also take into account there are over 7 billion users online using the internet (as of 30 June 2012 Internet World Stats), that is a large customer base you could be reaching.

I know you will say, what has my little business got to do with someone in India or Japan, most probably nothing, but your business will have a lot to do with the people in South Africa or the country that you live in. Think of the internet as one big catalogue or brochure , that you would have received in the post about 20 or 30 years ago,  or the Yellow Pages, listing all the businesses, but the nice thing with websites, is that you are able to get a whole lot more information than a name of a business and a telephone number. You will able to surf the information about the business and what products they have before you pick up a phone. Pretty much more convenient, don't you think.....

I am not going to sell any products online, so why should I have a website?

Think of a website, as a window to your business. This allow consumers to see what you do and then make an informed decision on whether to make use of your services. There are estimated that there are over 10 million smart phones active in South Africa, which has a population of 50 million. That means that 1/5 of the population, could access your website or other business websites, if you do not have your business online.

Its also easier to go to Google and type in a search than it is to check it up in those big Yellow Pages. I haven't opened a telephone directory or Yellow Pages for years. Google and Bing are my new Yellow Pages.

At the end of the day, you are providing an easy option for potential clients to check out your business before they pick up the phone. It doesn't have to be an amazing website, with wonderful animations here and there, just a profesioanlly designed and optimized website to give your business the edge.

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